The Brown Fox Bureau provides professional, thorough, efficient proofreading and copy-editing services.  We review everything from essays and dissertations, theses to PhDs, novels, non-fiction works, manuals, and articles, to name but a few!




A focus on detail is the key to our service. We will conduct a thorough review of your work to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as well as ensuring that there is consistency running through the layout and formatting.  Advice on language use and sentence structure can also be provided.


The English language can be complex and confusing and as a result of this we work with many students, particularly foreign students, where English is their second language and putting down on paper what they wish to express clearly and coherently, is a struggle for them.  We assist by not only proofreading the document, but also by reviewing the content and its context, providing suggestions for alternative wording or phrasing, where appropriate, which will convey the true meaning of their thoughts.


Working with new and existing authors is also a specialist area, both with fiction and non-fiction projects. With novels we ensure that events, characters, and descriptions throughout the book are consistent, as well as applying the overall standard proofreading checks.


With manuals and non-fiction books there may be large formatting tasks with tables,

pictorials, and contents lists.


In addition, we also write content for individuals and businesses - this could be in the form of blogs, research, information articles and various other types of content. We have written blogs and articles for companies both here and abroad, ensuring that the correct message is being portrayed for their particular

product or service.


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